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Mukutya Mukama Kindergarten & Primary School


Mukutya Mukama is located in the remote village of Kibose, Uganda. Prudence Suubi is the director of the school which has 87 children enrolled for the 2019 school year. All of the children have been sponsored for the 2019 school year.


Needs for the children:

  • Shoes and socks $15
  • Sweaters for cool mornings $10
  • Gym clothing for sports $10


Here are the children eating lunch, they try to find a little shade but they really need a lunch shelter. 

 School Needs:

  • Flooring for the classrooms $450
  • Raised fireplace to make the porridge
  • Lunch room or shelter
  • Fencing for the school grounds
  • Re-installing well $3,100



In remote areas of Uganda jiggers are a prevalent problem. They are parasitic insects that burrow into bare feet, where they grow and multiply and cause infections. This infection can have lingering effects which may include loss of toenails and toe deformation. They also can spread to fingers. Prevention is a simple as wearing shoes. Once a year we measure all of the children for shoes and socks which can be provided for only $15.

Mukutya Mukama in 2014

When Christ Sanctuary International started managing this school this was the condition of the school. We have made so many positive improvements in the past 5 years with the support of our sponsors.

Please consider donating to help improve this school

We would love to be able to reinstall our well, provide a shelter for the students to eat their lunches or make a new kitchen 

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